IU Displayed Her “Lack of Love” for Her Little Brother in Recent Update

This is how IU truly feels about her little brother.

IU recently updated her fans with all sorts of photos from her family trip to Spain.

Her photos show adorable shots of herself along with her parents and brother, proving that her family is not so different from anyone else’s.

But in order to conceal the identities of her family members, IU made sure to block out their faces with a doodle.

And the completely different way IU treated her brother compared to her parents gained the attention of fans.

While IU drew hearts with “Mom” and “Dad” written on it in front of her parents’ faces…

She drew a mere circle that read, “Bro” on top of her brother’s face.

In contrast to IU’s reputation as someone who is kind to just about everyone, IU is still the typical older sister when it comes to her little brother.

One time in the past, IU tried to get in touch with her little brother via text, but he wouldn’t answer, and that gained quite a bit of attention online.

Fans are responding to his display of “siblingship” with comments such as “They’re true siblings” and “IU is the same as us when it comes to things like this“.