Netizen Uses Perfect Meme To Describe IU And BTS’s V In “Love Wins All” MV

It’s since gone viral.

IU and BTS‘s V are two of the hottest celebrities at the moment. They acted as lovers in the former’s heart-wrenching music video for “Love Wins All,” a song that immediately topped the charts.

IU and BTS’s V

The five-minute video was set in a post-apocalyptic world. IU and V were a couple running from a deadly cube, finding momentary refuge in an abandoned building where they lived out their fantasies of singing their hearts out, taking cute photobooth photos, and wearing wedding attire.

On January 29, a fan’s post on X (Twitter) went viral for hilariously describing their relationship. It used the legendary meme of two water dispensers, one black and one white, that happened to look like a bride and groom. User @sb_dlwlrma made the connection to IU and V with her caption, “Love wins all??”

The replies of the post were just as hilarious, with some calling it “exclusive footage from [their] parent’s wedding”…

…and others pointing out that it’s their “coping mechanism” to deal with the traumatic ending of the music video.

They added that it was probably the hidden ending of the heartbreaking music video. Instead of being killed by the cube, IU and V were “reincarnated as water fillers.”

Check out the full music video for “Love Wins All” below if you have yet to see it.


Source: Twitter (X)