IU Makes Clones of Herself and Hilariously Teaches Fans How to Cheer for Her New Comeback

IU made an instructional video of her new fan chant.

Due to popular demand, IU recently uploaded a video teaching her fans how to chant to her new song, “Blueming”.

IU introduced the video by sharing that she asked for the help of two more people to film the instructional video and proceeded right into the song.

As soon as the song began, IU missed her timing and had to begin all over again.

After a sincere apology, IU started over, but this time, with two clones of herself.

IU and her friends then cheered to the song with much enthusiasm, and it was adorable, to say the least.

The cheer included light sticks along with individual dance moves from IU’s clones.

In response to the cute idea, fans are expressing their support with comments such as “I love this idea“, “She made a really good cheer“, and “If fans do this for her, she’ll be really happy“.

Source: Dispatch