IU Comments On AKMU Chanhyuk’s Interesting Hairstyle

The queen has spoken.

AKMU‘s Chanhyuk is sporting a new hairstyle and it’s quite different from what fans are used to seeing.

| @akmuchanhk/Instagram

Recently, Chanhyuk showed off his long hair in various photos, but from the seems of it, it even got longer since last time.

| @akmuchanhk/Instagram

In his latest Instagram post, Chanhyuk posted a chic selfie of himself with his legs crossed.

| @akmuchanhk/Instagram

“Don’t Cross Your Legs.” Get it? Get it?

Anyway, as if his selfie alone wasn’t captivating enough, IU herself commented on the photo, drawing even more attention from fans.

Shortly after the upload, IU expressed her surprise at his new look.

Who’s this?

– IU

And fans couldn’t agree more.

  • Is that you, Chanhyuk’s big sister?
  • He looks adorable.
  • You kind of look like my aunt.
  • How long are you going to grow it?
  • Interesting hairdo.
  • Don’t cross your legs! Haha
| @akmuchanhk/Instagram

What are your thoughts on Chanhyuk’s new hairdo?

| @akmuchanhk/Instagram

Does IU have a point?

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