IU Cried Every Night While Washing Her Hair, Here’s Why

She and her hair have been through a lot.

IU‘s pulled off a ton of incredible hairstyles in just the past few years! From pastel purple to getting her hair permed, IU’s hair has definitely been through a lot. In a behind-the-scenes vlog from the set of her music video for “Strawberry Moon,” IU revealed just how bad it had gotten!

IU. | @dlwlrma/Instagram

While debating whether or not to chop off her long locks into a short bob, IU talked about all the hardships her hair had been through and why she took the time to grow it out.

I started growing [my hair] out after ‘Love Poem.’ After dyeing it blue, light purple, and, shooting Broker a while ago, it also went through a perm, I really can’t revive this hair anymore. In the meantime, I couldn’t use treatment for about a year (due to allergy).

— IU

IU with permed and lightened hair.

She revealed that the condition of her hair had gotten so bad, she would cry while washing it at night! Her arms would even get tired from having to wash her frequently dyed hair.

“My arms are going to come off! | IU Official/YouTube 

Damaged hair is extremely porous, which means it holds water for a really long time. Bleach and other chemicals can make it impossible to dry your hair quickly – something else that concerned IU. Her thoughts while drying her hair were, “When will this hair dry? Will it dry before the Han river dries?

| IU Official/YouTube 

While explaining that her hair is still super stiff even after months of letting it grow, IU jokingly broke down into tears, saying, “I can’t talk about it anymore!

| IU Official/YouTube 

At least her hair seems to be doing better now! Here’s a picture of her hair length and condition before it was recently cut.

| IU Official/YouTube

And here’s how gorgeous it looked while filming the “Strawberry Moon” music video!

| IU Official/YouTube 

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below for some more insight from IU!

Source: YouTube and Instagram