Why IU Doesn’t Mind If Fans Leave Her Concert Early

“I even say ‘bye’ to them!”

BTS‘s Suga reunited with soloist IU for his most recent Suchwita episode, during which they talked about their two collaboration songs, their experiences as senior artists, and compared what it was like for them to host solo concerts.

IU (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Suga and IU first collaborated in 2020 on “Eight,” which was also produced by the BTS member.

Though their first collaboration occurred three years ago, the two revealed that they had become friends a few years prior during IU’s musical talk show, IU’s Palette.

| 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube
The two same-age friends have a fun dynamic, which allowed them to answer each others’ questions during the Suchwita episode candidly.

IU is known for her long concerts, including one that lasted over five hours, to the delight of Ueanas (IU’s fans).

Suga wanted to know why she held such a long concert, and the legendary soloist explained that the tradition began because she felt “sorry” that she “didn’t do as well as [she] should’ve” when she first hosted concerts when she was younger.

IU understood the commitment it took for fans, both financially and with their time, to attend her concerts and wanted to spend more time with them on stage.

Now that it’s become a part of her “concert culture,” IU feels like she disappoints fans when her concerts aren’t long.

Suga wanted to know if she ever felt her concerts were too long and hilariously added they could edit out her answer.

IU confirmed they could keep her answer unedited and agreed they could be too long at times, revealing that she’s even admitted that during her concerts.

She explained that when she has multiple concerts in a row, hosting five-hour sets can impact the next day’s performance and the experience of people attending the upcoming shows.

With the longer length of her concerts, Suga wondered if fans ever left early, and IU openly admitted that some did.

IU hilariously shared that she just says “bye” to them, understanding that her concerts last longer than most, so it doesn’t hurt her feelings.

Check out her full answer below!

Source: YouTube