IU Drinks Pomegranate Juice Every Morning And It’s For A Very Good Reason

It’s the same reason we all do certain things in life…

To celebrate a million subscribers for her YouTube channel, IU held a special Q&A session where she answered some questions and quenched her fans’ curiosity. In the process, IU revealed her latest morning ritual and a very good reason for how she ended up with this “habit”.


IU selected a random question out of a box of questions. It asked, “What is the first thing that you do in the morning?” Fans looked forward to hearing about IU’s morning routine…


… and she answered, “Well, I’ve been drinking pressed pomegranate juice every morning.” IU cracked up shortly after revealing her latest morning ritual, playfully commenting on how real her answer is!

I’ve been drinking pressed pomegranate juice every morning. That’s an honest and real answer, huh? Yeah… As soon as I get up in the morning, I drink it on an empty stomach.

— IU


When the staff asked for the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice, IU couldn’t point out the exact benefits…


… but instead, she shared the very relatable reason behind how she came to have this daily routine!

The benefits? I just drink it because my mom says I have to, so…

— IU


IU playfully explained that her mother’s new obsession is the health benefits of pomegranate, which is why she has this habit of chugging fruit juice first thing in the morning. She then asked her subscribers to let her know if something is wrong with her daily ritual!

If there is a doctor among my million subscribers… Please let me know if it’s not healthy to drink pomegranate juice on an empty stomach in the morning!

— IU


In case you’re wondering, pomegranates full of antioxidants and vitamins that will help lower stress, reduce inflammation, and even prevent cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.


Watch the full clip here: