IU Is Desperately Looking for the Fan That Screamed “Who Says You’re Fat?” at a Busan Concert

IU has many questions for that fan.

IU recently appeared in a 1theK Originals YouTube video where she looked at posts related to herself on the internet and shared her thoughts about it.

In the video, IU searched her name and looked at all sorts of content that popped up.

When asked to search “IU gets scolded for saying she’s fat” by the producer, IU immediately looked it up to see what was up.

The video is so popular that it popped up as soon as she typed in the first few letters.

And what followed was absolute hilarity.

When IU went up on stage at a Busan concert and said, “About when I said I was fat…” a fan cut her off in a loud voice that even IU heard from on stage.

Who says you’re fat??!!

– Fan

This caused IU to die of laughter on stage, and she was even shocked by how loud her voice was.

What was that? I think she has a mic on, too.

– IU

And after seeing the video, which has almost 5 million views, IU confessed that she’s actually been searching for this fan.

I’m looking for her. I want to know how she’s doing. I want to know if she’s still in Busan, how old she is now, and if she’s still a fan of mine. I have a lot I’m curious about.

– IU

Here’s hoping IU finds her after this!

Check out the hilarious clip below:

Source: Insight