IU Is Gaining Attention for How She Treated a Fan in a Wheelchair at Her Recent Fan Meeting

Another reason why everyone loves IU.

IU recently held her “Love Poem” fan meeting at Yeongdeungpo Times Square, Seoul where she drew particular attention with how she treated a fan in a wheelchair.



On the day of the event, IU dressed in a simple checkered shirt and a knit sweater on top that matched her return to dark hair color.


IU provided all sorts of fan service to fans who came to see her at the event, but what stood out was when she noticed a fan in a wheelchair who was unable to get on stage.


After noticing this, IU didn’t hesitate to get off stage and go to where her fan was.


She greeted the fan, gave him all sorts of fan service, and chatted with the most charming smile on her face.


Other fans who saw this responded with comments such as “That’s IU” and “That’s why she has so many fans“.

Check out the full footage below:

Source: Insight