IU’s Favorite Ring That She Wears Everywhere Is Actually A Couple Ring

Can you guess who has the other ring?

IU was seen wearing a certain ring on her finger in multiple teaser shoots, at concerts and basically everywhere she goes, and it turns out, this ring is a couple ring!


IU was wearing the silver ring on the teaser poster for her track “BBIBBI”…


At concerts…


At fansign events…


At the airport and more!


In fact, the ring was a couple ring with her own fans, Uaena. During her 10-year anniversary fan meeting, IU had given Uaena the ring as a gift and she has been showing how dearly she holds her fans by wearing the ring wherever she goes.


The ring is embellished with a pattern of a sound wave, which is supposed to signify, “Violets, I’m always on your side.” IU had nicknamed her fans (UAENA) violets because they reminded her of the flower.


IU explained that she not only loved violets but that she felt the flower’s characteristics matched her fans.

They’re quiet… and I feel like they’re always calmly there for me… not being noisy… Honestly, it’s a flower that I personally like too but I feel like its characterstics are similar to my fans… It feels something like “weak but one who will silently shine”… It’s subtle but there’s definintely a presence…

— IU


No one can deny IU’s love for her fans!


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