How IU And FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Became The Singers For T-ARA Jiyeon’s Wedding

“Did I ask her to sing ‘Marshmallow’?”

Although T-ARA‘s Jiyeon‘s wedding ceremony to her husband Hwang Jae Gyun was a private one, they made headlines for having famous guests like BTS‘s JinSHINee‘s Minho, and more.

SHINee’s Minho, Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon, and IU spotted at Jiyeon’s wedding. | @Legendaryjiye0n/Twitter

The newlyweds even had IU and FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki as guest performers, singing songs they personally requested.

FTISLAND’s Hongki | @skullhong12/Instagram

Satisfying their fans’ curiosity, Hwang Jae Gyun and Jiyeon revealed how they got the two famous singers to perform at their wedding.

Although a professional baseball player and the frontman of a rock band wouldn’t appear to have anything in common on the surface, Hwang Jae Gyun revealed that he and Lee Hongki grew up together. It was natural for him to ask such a close friend to sing at his wedding.

As for Hongki, we were close since I was little. So I asked him to sing a congratulatory song. Thankfully, he gladly said, ‘Okay.’ And he ended up giving us a congratulatory song.

— Hwang Jae Gyun

While Hwang Jae Gyun was more relaxed about approaching Lee Hongki, Jiyeon took a different approach with her close friend IU. She told IU the exact date of their wedding a year in advance. Like a best friend would, IU cleared her schedule just to be there. However, Jiyeon had one requirement.

Since it was still a year later, Jieun (IU) said, ‘Why are you telling me a year in advance?’ So she said she cleared her schedule in advance for that day.

— Jiyeon

Because Jiyeon “really didn’t want to cry” at her wedding, she asked IU “to sing while dancing.” She even went as far as asking IU to sing her early song “Marshmallow”.

Listen to Hwang Jae Gyun and Jiyeon’s experiences of asking their close friends to sing at their wedding.