BTS’s Jin Is Having The Time Of His Life While Attending T-ARA Jiyeon’s Wedding

If that wasn’t enough, he was seated next to another iconic idol!

On November 10 (KST), T-ARA member Jiyeon got married to baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun. Even before the wedding, the idol released some beautiful shots of the couple before the huge event.

Hwang Jae Gyun and T-ARA Jiyeon (right) | @jiyeon2__/Instagram

As expected, the wedding was full of huge names, including the likes of Jiyeon’s bestie IU (who also sang at the event), SHINee‘s Minho, Super Junior‘s Donghae, and many more.

Well, along with the likes of IU and other idols, it seems like one other star is gaining attention for attending the wedding, and it’s none other than BTS‘s Jin.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

As videos and images of the event were being posted, eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed a familiar face in the crowd, and it was none other than BTS’s oldest member Jin.

In photos and videos shared by guests at the event, ARMYs couldn’t help but notice fluffy hair and eyes of Jin. As expected, they truly stood out, and fans knew it was him straight away.

| @jingone222/Twitter
| @jingone222/Twitter
| @jingone222/Twitter
| @gotadodo/Twitter

If the images weren’t cute and handsome enough, it seems as if Jin might have gained a new job at the event. When the bride and groom were making their way down the aisle, Jin was spotted enthusiastically throwing petals at the married couple.

| @IUArchiving/Twitter

Jin was also spotted cheering the happy couple and was having the time of his life at the event.

| @IUArchiving/Twitter

Of course, many K-Pop fans also loved the fact that Jin was sitting at the same table as IU and actually what looked like next to each other. Also, when IU was performing her hit track “Blueming,” a video shows that Jin was dancing along to the track.

| @jeonblxe/Twitter

While many think he might be attending as a member of the groom’s party, others shared that Jin has also always been a fan of T-ARA, as there are even clips shared of him and the rest of BTS singing along to the group’s songs.

As expected, the wedding was full of huge stars, and Jin seemed to be having the best time celebrating the couple’s big day!

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