IU And Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Showed Two Very Different Reactions To The Same Situation

Which are you more like?

IU and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA have more than one thing in common. Not only are they both pretty, rich, talented and kind, they also both guested on Lee Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast as house staff! Fans realized that they both had vastly different reactions to the same situation on the show. Guests always insisted on washing the dishes after the meals, a job that was original for the house staff.

YoonA, who is known for her amiable personality that can get along with just anyone, immediately went close to the guests and personally tried to pull them away from the sink. How can anyone say no to that?

IU on the other hand, was more introverted in response. She simply stood behind them, not knowing what to do or how to react. Very relatable!

Which of the two would you act like in that situation? Regardless, we’re sure the house guests were delighted to have both girls lighting up the house during their stay.

Source: theqoo