IU Stays Loyal to the Friends She Met 2 Years Ago on “Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast”

IU cherishes even the smallest encounters.

IU recently performed at her “Love Poem” tour concert in Busan, and she didn’t forget to invite the “Gimhae Sisters”, whom IU met during Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 years ago.


Ahead of her Busan concert, IU direct messaged one of the Gimhae Sisters to invite them, and they immediately agreed to go.

Oh no, Hyun Ji. I’m sorry for the late response. I’ve been crazy busy lately. I’m already having my concert in Busan this week!!! I should have told you earlier. If you can’t make it, I understand, and since I’m performing in Seoul next week, you can come to that one if that’s easier for you!! Can you ask everyone for me? I’m sorry for the late response!!!

– IU


This wasn’t the first time IU invited the “Gimhae Sisters” to her concert. Just a year ago, IU invited them to her Busan concert and exhibited her loyal nature.

IU: Hyun Ji, how are you? I’m having my first concert in Busan again!! Being in Busan reminded me of you… The same place on October 28! If you have time, I’d like all of you to come!

Hyun Ji: Wow, Ji Eun!!!! It’s been so long! I saw that you’re doing a tour again! When we saw that, we talked about how it brought back good memories of last year…”

– Direct Messages

And when one of the “Gimhae Sisters” recently got married, IU went down to Busan herself and sang a congratulatory song.

The way IU takes care of her friends and acquaintances despite her busy schedule is eliciting praise and admiration from fans all over the internet.

Yet another reason to love IU.


Source: Insight


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