IU Describes Herself as the Jealous Type in Relationships

She revealed her criteria for her future man.

IU is such a beloved star, that the topic of her ideal type has constantly come up in online communities.

And one of the posts detailing IU’s ideal type has recently surfaced online and is receiving an explosive response.

In the past, IU appeared on SBS’s TV Cultwo Show where she revealed her true ideal type.

On the show, IU made the surprising confession that she has absolutely no interest in good-looking men.

I don’t find good-looking men charming. I like men who are passionate about their work and work hard at it.

– IU

But what gained particular attention was when IU added that she tends to be the jealous type.

I tend to be the kind of person who gets really jealous.

– IU


For that reason, IU revealed that her man would also have to be a faithful and loyal one as well.

So I’d like it if my man can love me and only me.

– IU

In response to IU’s confession of her ideal type, fans have been responding with comments such as “I’m fully capable of handling jealousy in a relationship“, “I’m her ideal type“, and “I can love IU and only IU“.

IU is set to release a digital single with BTS‘s Suga on May 6.

Source: Insight