IU Praises “Kingdom” Contestants For Their Cover Of Her Iconic Track “Love Poem”

The performance was full of heart and passion!

In the recent episode of Mnet’s Kingdom, the three main vocalists from ATEEZ (Jongho), BTOB (Eunkwang), and Stray Kids‘ (Seungmin) sang an emotional rendition of IU‘s “Love Poem.”

| Mnet/YouTube 

The stage was simple and allowed the three vocalist’s voices to shine without any big productions. After the show aired, IU posted a story on her Instagram praising the group for their cover of her song.

In the first post, IU urged people to go and watch the full performance saying, “The harmony line was so pretty from start to finish. you have to watch the full version.

In the next ones, she simply just wrote, “gooooosebumps…” before posting another video of the performance with crowns on the three vocalists!

It seemed like the other group members couldn’t hide their awe throughout the performance while watching the three idols on stage.

| Mnet/YouTube
| Mnet/YouTube

In the end, the trio took the team’s third win of the round. Even Super Junior‘s Donghae, an expert judge, couldn’t praise the group enough for their performance.

I felt that it was perfect. This song could be interpreted in this way, and these guys could communicate with each other through this song, making eye contact. I felt they were enjoying the performance very much. I think that’s why I felt for them more.

— Super Junior’s Donghae

| Mnet/YouTube

You can watch the whole performance below.

Source: Mnet and FI
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