IU Knows Exactly Which Disney Princess She Wants To Be, Here’s Why

The character has been IU’s inspiration for years.

In celebration of her 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, IU uploaded a special Q&A clip that helped her viewers get to know her even better. In this video, IU discussed which Disney character she would most like to be and fans are fascinated by IU’s unchanging choice of her favorite Disney movie!


Fans asked IU, “If you were to be reborn in the Disney universe, which Disney character would you like to be?”


Without a second of hesitation, IU burst into song and answered she’d like to be Moana.

I am Moana!

— IU


While in this particular video, IU doesn’t share much background story regarding her specific selection, there was another instance when she did talk about the movie in detail.


During one of her past radio series from 2017, IU explained that she went to watch “Moana” twice because it inspired her beyond her expectations.

I really loved this movie. I actually watched it twice. I wasn’t expecting much because it’s an animation after all… Like, I wasn’t particularly thinking it would move me much. But I enjoy Disney movies and it got great reviews… so I went to watch it on a night I couldn’t focus on songwriting.

— IU


IU pointed out that she was feeling extra-exhausted when she went to watch the movie. And to her surprise, “Moana” was able to pick her mood right up and fuel her to move forward.

I actually became 120% charged after watching the movie. I was like, ‘YES! I CAN DO THIS! I AM MOANA!’ I really thoroughly loved that movie. When she sings that part and jumps into the water, I felt so alive!

— IU


Since then, Moana has been IU’s inspiration.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely watch the movie. Moana is such a lovely girl. She gives me the strength I need. She inspires me and makes me believe in myself, like I can do whatever comes my way.

— IU


Unfortunately, while IU as Moana would be simply empowering, it is hard to imagine for the fans who know that IU is actually scared of the water!


Here’s IU from Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, becoming as close to Moana as she possibly could:

Source: YouTube