IU And Lee Jong Suk’s Luxurious “Couple Item” That Solidifies Their Status As A Power Couple

The flex is on a different level.

K-Pop’s queen IU and the heartthrob of K-Drama, Lee Jong Suk, recently went public with their dating news, sending the entirety of global Hallyu fans into a mini shock. Since then, fans have been paying extra attention to their past interactions, as well as some more recent obvious hints that pointed at their romance.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram 
| @jongsuk0206/Instagram

One such detail that has caught the eye of people is a luxurious couple item that the two share. “Couple items” are a common part of Korean dating culture, where two lovers carry a similar item to show that they are dating. It can be anything from a keychain to rings to matching phone cases.

Matching phone cases are one of the most popular couple items in South Korea | cleartrip.com

In the case of IU and Lee Jong Suk, their couple item was actually one of the contributors that Dispatch used to validate their dating news. The two were captured sporting the same item at the airport when Lee Jong Suk left for Osaka on December 20 and IU left for Nagoya on December 24.

The luxurious item in question was a Bottega Veneta cassette bag which retails for about ₩3.00 million KRW (about $2,420 USD)!

| bottegaveneta.com
| bottegaveneta.com

In addition, the two also wore matching glasses at the airport, which didn’t go unnoticed by the media.

You can’t deny that everything about this couple is better than a romance K-Drama.