IU Had A Special Reason For Casting Actor Lee Jongwon In Her “Strawberry Moon” Music Video, And It Was Enough To Make Him Blush

“It was a sign…”

IU recently cemented her status as a legendary K-Pop after releasing her latest track called “Strawberry Moon.” With its special message, even shown in the smallest details, and romantic story, it has really proved that there everything IU does is iconic!

IU and Lee Jongwon in “Strawberry Moon” | 1theK/ YouTube

One thing that fans noticed in the music video was the appearance of a very handsome actor alongside IU in the video. Although he might not be instantly recognizable, Lee Jongwon has starred in K-Dramas such as Hospital Playlist 2 and The School Nurse Files.

Lee Jongon | @wonjong_/ Instagram

When it comes to choosing co-stars, IU is always perfect at finding the right person, and this time was no different. Yet, unlike other music videos, the need to cast Lee Jongwon was all down to her personal preference.

IU recently released some footage from the music video where she took fans through the process of filming and even some TMI. In particular, she shared just how Lee Jongwon was picked, and he seemed curious to hear why.

With Lee Jongwon listening closely, IU explained that she had a lot of recommendations from people on who she should pick, and one of them was Jongwon.

People talked a lot about Jangwon, so I looked him up, and I found a beautiful male person. So, I thought, ‘He’s perfect. He’s like a strawberry moon.’

— IU

If that wasn’t enough to make Jongwon feel flustered, IU then made him show the fans his eyes, and it is no surprise why she picked him because he is definitely a grade A visual.

IU then added that, after seeing his visuals and how well his eyes seemed to fit with the concept of the video, she called him straight away to make sure he was cast for the track.

She even shared her relief that he was free on that day as Jongwon apparently had a very busy schedule. It was fate that Jongwon was free on that specific day!

There is no denying that the two look amazing together, and it was definitely the right choice from IU! With more eyes on Jongwon, hopefully, fans will get to see more of him as he definitely has superstar material!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: IU Palette