IU Reveals What Her “Life Worry” Is

IU thought this problem would be gone by now.

In a recent interview with W Korea, singer IU revealed what her “life worry” is.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU shared that she’s constantly worried since she doesn’t have a hobby.

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Due to her not having a hobby, IU always tells her fans to not like her in a “serious manner,” as she doesn’t want her fans to not have hobbies like her.

| W Korea 더블유 코리아/YouTube

In the past, IU didn’t think this was a problem and believed that she would get a hobby as she got older. However, this didn’t happen, and IU is a little worried since she’s about to turn 30 years old soon and still doesn’t have a hobby. If IU does get interested in something, this interest only lasts for a short time. Due to her not having a hobby, IU doesn’t have a way to relieve her stress.

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IU did enjoy reading when she was a child, but her joy for reading went away once she began writing songs.

I think reading a book used to be a hobby for me as a kid, but I simply can’t read anymore. Since I started writing songs, I’m like, ‘Oh, this kind of sentence,’ ‘Oh, this is how to avoid grammatical errors,’ I keep thinking about that stuff while reading, so I can’t really call it my hobby, it’s more like studying for me.

— IU

| W Korea 더블유 코리아/YouTube 

Hopefully, IU is able to overcome this problem and find a hobby!

Here’s the full video below!