IU Made Her Youngest Manager Cry — And The Reason For It Is Totally Unexpected

IU pretended to scold him because she wanted to make him happy.

Korean superstar IU likes to show her love and affection by playing pranks on people.

For example, last April Fool’s Day, IU teamed up with her father and playfully fooled her fans into thinking that she could actually drive.

There were several shots of her “driving” so fans couldn’t believe it — but when they revealed in the end that it was all a prank, everyone was surprised!

Maybe this is how IU really prefers to express her care for the people close to her, that’s why during one episode of IU TV, it was shown there how IU played a prank on her youngest manager, Jihwan.

IU started off by calling Jihwan repeatedly and asking him for a lot of things in a short span of time.

Whenever IU talked to her youngest manager, she looked like she was really upset, but the truth is, when she turned her back away from him, she was actually laughing.

IU even had a hard time keeping a straight face, so she had to manually compose herself in order to continue her prank.

Again, IU kept on calling her younger manager and requesting a lot of things for him to bring or to do.

Every time he was dismissed, IU called him again to place another request from him.

Even though Jihwan came back within one minute, IU “scolded” him and told him that he was taking too long — that’s why he apologized and even gave a bow after being “reprimanded”.

Finally, IU told Jihwan that Hanter, another one of her managers, is “over there” and pointed to where Hanter was as he held a birthday cake in his hands.

All of her staff rejoiced, cheered and sang the “Happy Birthday” song to Jihwan.

And while Jihwan felt relieved and happy, he couldn’t stop crying and letting his tears of joy come out.

IU felt sorry and apologized to Jihwan, but all’s well that ends well, right?

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