IU Reveals The Gifts She Gives To Everyone She Works With, But AKMU Are The Only Ones To Have Used It

Why aren’t others using it?

K-Pop group AKMU recently made their comeback with the album Next Episode, which featured collaborations with huge names, including IU! The duo appeared on the latest episode of IU’s Palette series. During the episode, they sang songs, talked meeting up, and reacted to Chanhyuk falling over!

AKMU’s Chanhyuk, IU, and AKMU’s Suhyun (from left to right) | @akmu_suhyun/ Instagram

Over her career, IU has worked with many idols, whether through music, acting, and concerts. One of those was AKMU, who has appeared with IU at her concerts several times over the past few years!

AKMU’s Chanhyuk explained that the siblings had met IU for dinner using a coupon they had earned by appearing at these concerts.

IU then explained the meaning behind this special ticket and how rare and special they are when she gives them to someone.

I’ve invited both of you (AKMU) to my concerts multiple times as guests. I thank them so much for having come in all those times. So, to our guests, to those I’m grateful for, I give them IU tickets.

— IU

Although there are no real strict limitations on how and when to use it, IU then explained how disheartening it was because nobody had ever used it – until AKMU! She exclaimed, “But you are the only ones who actually used it.

Chanhyuk added that there was no time limit on the tickets. IU joked that the siblings were the first pair actually to do something with it in, ten years she’s been doing it. Suhyun then rightly exclaimed, “How could you not use it?

Chanhyuk then added that he wanted to use the ticket for the collaboration but knew that it wouldn’t be the reason for it.

I had a feeling that you’d do it for us, you know, even if we didn’t use that ticket.

— AKMU’s Chanhyuk

It isn’t the first time the duo has spoken about this limited edition ticket. During a radio show, Suhyun explained how they received the ticket from IU when they met her for the first time as guests at her concert.

That’s when she said, ‘Thanks for coming, here’s an IU coupon. You can use this coupon anywhere. You can use it on a song. You can use it at a concert. You can use it for a future featuring, it doesn’t matter.’ So we have been treasuring it all this time. But we actually used it this time around to which she responded, ‘Wow, you’re the first person to actually use this.’

— AKMU’s Suhyun

Hopefully, now K-Pop idols know how precious they are, they will start using it now because they do seem like gold dust. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: IU Official and FI