IU Playfully Exposed Her Dad’s “Poor Way Of Driving” On Camera, And His Reaction Is Too Cute For This World

IU didn’t hold back in playfully calling out her dad while on broadcast.

Sometimes, K-Pop celebrities seem to perfect that we forget they are actual human beings like the rest of us, too.

Take the case of K-Pop superstar IU, for example.

Beneath her gorgeous visuals…

…and her honey voice that has won her numerous awards under her belt…

…IU is a simple daughter who likes to tease her father from time to time.

IU is an adorable “daddy’s girl”: by the year 2009, when IU had saved up enough to turn the tables around for her family, she bought her father his dream car.

Because IU and her dad are close, they even went strawberry-picking together.

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And in her recent live broadcast, IU even jokingly exposed her father’s driving habit.

She started off by asking her father this question when she encountered some drivers who cut in in front of her.

No, why do they cut in?

– IU

Her father responded to her by saying that it’s because these types of drivers learned how to drive badly.

Without missing a beat, IU asked her father straight on:

Don’t you do that often as well, daddy?

– IU

And because of her direct question to her father, he stuttered for a while before responding with his defense:

I strictly abide by traffic regulations. I’m a well-mannered guy, a well-mannered guy.

– IU’s dad

You can see IU’s playful smile as her father cutely defended himself.

And even though this father-daughter combo likes to joke around from time to time, IU’s dad will naturally still have difficulty giving up his daughter when she gets married in the future. Check out the next article and click it below for full details.

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