IU Proved Her Undying Loyalty By Keeping A Promise Made To Friends On “Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast”

She never breaks a promise!

IU kept her promise from Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast and sang at one of the cast member’s weddings in Busan.

Last year, IU went to Busan despite her busy filming schedule for Hotel del Luna to attend and sing at a wedding of one of the guests on Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.

The wedding she attended was for one of the two guests that were referred to as the “Kimhae Sisters”. Being the same age, IU quickly became friends and got along very well with them.

Last year during her 10-year anniversary concert, IU promised the Kimhae sisters to sing at their wedding if they get married and in order to keep this promise, she adjusted her schedules and headed for Busan.

At the wedding, she sang “Meaning of You” and sincerely congratulated the couple on their marriage.

I’ve come with a joyful heart because you invited to me to this beautiful day that will be remembered. I hope you will live happily.

ㅡ IU

Currently, IU is busy preparing for her new album, which she teased in one of her most recent Vlogs.


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