Was She Done Dirty? IU Is Nearly Unrecognizable In Old Photos

There was a strong reaction to the photos at the time.

Released 13 years ago, IU‘s mega-hit album REAL has fans revisiting an iconic era of polarizing fashion and makeup styles.

The album featured some unprecedented K-Pop bops like “Good Day.” Perhaps just as iconic in its own right, the promotional photos for the album received strong reactions from netizens at the time.

The makeup styles that dominated the early 2000s and 2010s included excessively bronzed foundation and dark, dramatic eyeliner, both of which IU is rocking in the photos.

Additionally, she’s seen sporting a warm caramel shade of hair…

…another style which varies greatly from her current look!

While some may think the bold makeup is too strong, there’s no denying that IU’s stunning visuals shine through. The long, wispy lashes and bushy eyebrows add to the woodland fairy aesthetic of the shoot.

Sporting vivid and bright colors amidst a natural background, it seems to be a photoshoot that perfectly captures the vibes of its time.

Perhaps a modern day interpretation of this look may receive different reactions from fans!

Whether you’re a fan of the look or not, one thing stands: The album is iconic!