IU Proved That She Is The Most Relatable K-Pop Chef Of All Time, And Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

Everybody makes mistakes!

When it comes to K-Pop soloists who will never cease to amaze fans, IU is always somewhere on the list. Whether she is singing, acting, or being charming, fans can’t help but fall in love with IU’s visuals and talent. Recently, it seems as if she’s been showcasing a new skill to her fans, Uaenas: cooking.

To celebrate the release of her latest track, “Strawberry Moon,” IU focused on a pink theme for the second episode of her YouTube series LET’S COOK with CHEF IU by making strawberry macarons and strawberry ice cream.

With her instructions written down, IU got to work and started by making the macarons. Even though she was using a kit, there is no denying that they are some of the toughest desserts to prepare, and fans don’t blame IU for having some help.

However, like everyone who has ever attempted baking, not everything goes to plan, and this was definitely the case with IU. While making her jam, she went to check on the shells (known as the coque) for her macaroons.

Unfortunately, as IU went to take them out, she realized that they hadn’t been baking and were still raw. As expected, IU was very confused about what had happened and why the macaron shells that she had left weren’t done.

It was only when a staff member came that they both realized that the oven wasn’t actually switched on because someone had forgotten to plug it in.

Unsurprisingly, IU couldn’t believe it, and it just added to the amount of work she already had. Yet, from this experience, she had a key piece of advice for fans.

Double-check every step when making macarons. Never trust yourself. And, if your PD (producer) is in front of you, doubt him the most.

— IU

Luckily, after the shells actually managed to bake, IU assembled them like a pro and produced macarons as beautiful as she is! She even got fellow labelmate and actress Shin Se Kyung to try them and got another seal of approval.

As expected, IU proved that she really can do it all, and the fact that she made relatable mistakes, but they still came out well, is good motivation for any keen baker who might struggle!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: IU Official