A Reporter Tried “To Break IU’s Spirits,” But IU Didn’t Back Down

She knew exactly what to say.

IU is undoubtedly one of the most well-loved K-Pop idols. Fans and other idols both respect the talented singer as an incredible role model.


Her 2022 The Golden Hour concert truly showed just how popular and loved she is as an artist.

But while IU is enjoying the success of her immense passion and tireless dedication toward her fans, the idol faced many difficulties on her path to becoming a renowned star.

IU once opened up about an interaction with a reporter that only inspired her to work harder and achieve more. Although IU explained that most reporters were kind to soloists, there were reporters she interacted with shortly after her debut, when she was just sixteen, “who tried to break [her] spirits.

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In particular, she remembers one reporter’s response when IU said she “wanted to write songs.

Rather than supporting her ambition, the reporter warned her, while laughing at the idea, that she “would disappear without even realizing it” if she wrote her own songs.

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Understandably offended, when the reporter then said, “he saw a lot of people like [IU] back then,” IU responded by calling out his rudeness.

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The reporter then tried to clarify that he hadn’t meant to insult IU and instead “wished [her] all the best.” Rather than being rude, “he was worried” for her as a newly debuted idol.

When IU replied that she “would grow up as he wished,” her company scolded her.

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Still, the two met once again after IU had released her iconic song “Good Day,” and the reporter still had the habit of laughing while “[saying] a cutting remark.”

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This time he told her “that [he] heard [she’s] so busy these days.

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To which IU simply replied that he “must be very proud” since she “grew up as [he] wished.

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After IU’s strong comments, not willing to let him insult her or overlook his past remarks, the reporter left.

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IU’s clever ability to stand up for herself against rude comments is yet another reason for fans to love the incredible idol.

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