IU Revealed The Biggest Lie She Ever Told Her Parents And It’s Breaking Everyone’s Heart

Her honest answer has everyone tearing up:

With an honest answer about the biggest lie she has ever told her parents, IU had hearts all over the world breaking.


As part of her official merchandise for fan club members, IU released her “Jieun Book” at the end of December. In the book, IU responded to questions fans asked anonymously and while plenty of the contents had fans smiling, there was one page in particular that caught everyone’s attention and left many fans tearing up.


While flipping through the book, Uaena stumbled upon one question asking IU about the biggest lie she had ever told her parents. In response, IU kept her answer short and honest  revealing she had told her parents, “I sleep well these days.”

Image credit: Insight


Although IU had the best intentions in mind when she told her parents this lie as she likely didn’t want them to worry about her, her confession has been breaking everyone’s heart. Since the release of the book and the discovery of the page, Uaena have been flooding online communities showing their support for IU while asking her to stay healthy and take breaks when she needs to.


With that heartwrenching confession, everyone’s sincerely hoping IU won’t ever have to tell this lie or any lie to her parents ever again.

Source: Insight