IU Reveals How She Spends Her Time With Her Best Friend Yoo In Na — And It’s Unexpected AF

It’s unexpected because you’d think that as two famous celebrities, they would want to do something else instead.

Being in the industry for more than a decade now, it’s only natural for the “Nation’s Little Sister” IU to have several friends.

After all, her kind personality and genuine heart are helpful in attracting like-minded people who have the same values, right?

And while IU has a lot of friends in the industry who she’s close to, it’s her friend Yoo In Na who’s fortunate enough to be named as IU’s best friend.

Actress Yoo In Na and IU have been best friends quite some time now despite their 11-year age difference.

When IU won the Album of the Year Award from the MelOn Music Awards in the past, she even dedicated it to Yoo In Na, calling her her “muse”.

“I know that she is not my family by blood, but I thank my number one fan, a best friend, and my muse Yoo In Na as well.”

– IU

Now, when you think of two celebrities such as these two bonding, you would probably think that they love to shop or eat outside — basically spend time outside, right?

Wrong. The truth is, whenever IU and In Na bond with each other, they usually like to watch TV with each other — and it’s fairly simple to do this, since they’re neighbors in the same building.

IU mentioned in an interview that, sometimes, they may be together but they still like working on their own thing.

Sometimes, IU would watch the TV and her best friend In Na would just eat sweet potatoes.

When their relationship was likened to “having each other as pet companions”, IU smiled and said that this is correct.

You’re right. We’re like each other’s pet owners!

– IU

Another adorable revelation during this interview is that IU is usually the one who likes going to her unnie‘s house. How cute is this?

It’s no wonder In Na knows what IU’s superpower is, since they’re extremely close to each other!

IU’s Best Friend Yoo In Na Reveals IU’s Amazingly “Magical Superpower”, And It’s Surely Not What You’d Think