IU’s Best Friend Yoo In Na Reveals IU’s Amazingly “Magical Superpower”, And It’s Surely Not What You’d Think

You think you’ve figured out what IU’s superpower is? It’s definitely not what you’re thinking of right now.

One of the most touching friendship goals in the Korean entertainment scene is the relationship between popular singer IU and famous K-Drama actress Yoo In Na.

Their adorable friendship screams “BFF goals” because even though they have a particularly huge age difference, they still remain to be very close with each other.

One example was when IU received the “Album of the Year” award at the 2017 Melon Music Awards, she thanked her best friend for always being there with her.

Though we may not be real family that shares blood, you are my best friend, my number one fan, my superstar and my muse, Yoo In Na. Thank you.

– IU’s message to her best friend

Another example of their beautiful friendship was when Yoo In Na mentioned that she couldn’t get married because of IU — every time IU changes her mind about marriage, she gets influenced by her, too.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that IU’s “magical superpowers” were revealed by her best friend. After all, they’re very close with each other so they know each other well.

IU’s “powers” came to light when the duo talked about the weather. Yoo In Na started off by saying that the weather’s not that great during filming.

IU agreed and said that every time she has a schedule, the weather turns out to be less-than-pleasant as she’d hoped it would be.

Yoo In Na joked that because of IU’s “powers” to influence the weather, they couldn’t do anything when she’s around.

IU readily accepted her “fate” and felt sorry for the people suffering because of her influence on the weather.

Yoo In Na further added “proof” of IU’s amazingly magical superpowers by telling her that the weather in Korea was great when she was in the US…

…but when she arrived, the weather suddenly turned gloomy.

They didn’t even stop there — they also mentioned that the same thing happened during their vacation in Jeju Island!

Mad props to IU for having the superpower to “control the weather”, though! Maybe this can be her magical ability when she becomes a Disney princess?

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