Feeling Down? Here’s How IU Cheers Herself up at Her Lowest Times

IU offered some useful advice at her recent birthday party with fans.

EDAM Entertainment recently shared a video titled, “IU’s Birthday Without IU”, and it showed IU’s fan club wishing IU a happy birthday in person.

During the party, IU’s fans asked IU some questions that they had always been curious about.

One fan asked,

How do you make yourself feel better when you feel down?

– Fan

And IU immediately shared her secret to overcoming her lows.

At times like that, I move around a lot.

– IU

She elaborated,

I either do the dishes, open packages that I hadn’t opened yet, or I just wander around my house.

– IU

IU then added,

When I feel depressed, I make an effort to not get tricked by that emotion.

– IU

IU explained that in order to convince herself that the emotion is not eternal, she makes sure to keep busy.

I move around thinking, ‘This emotion doesn’t last forever. I can change it in 5 minutes.

– IU


After finding out this method, fans are responding with comments such as “That sounds like a good method“, “IU is such a positive person“, and “I like how bright she is“.

Check out IU’s full “birthday party” below:

Source: Dispatch