Here’s How IU’s Staff Takes Her Pictures So She Looks 180cm Tall

Try out the trick for yourself!

IU has always been known for her small, petite figure. Her official profile states that she is 162cm, although fans may beg to differ at times! Fans have particularly noted that IU somehow looks as if she is at least 180cm in photos of her taken by her staff.

| @fullmoon.long/Instagram

These were taken on the set of Hotel Del Luna.

| @fullmoon.long/Instagram

Here’s how IU looks like in fantaken photos!

Here’s how she looks like in journalist photos. While she looks gorgeous for sure, one can’t help but notice she looks her own height in these, compared to the photos on her Instagram.

The secret behind her photos was shared on IU TV, in a behind-the-scenes clip for Hotel Del Luna.

IU’s staff personally shared that the have been hooked on this angle for photos. The trick is to step one foot backwards and put your weight in the center. Hold the phone near your belly button and hunch down slightly, getting an upwards angle.

They claim that by doing this pose, anyone can look over 180cm tall, without making it look too obvious that it was taken from a lower angle!

Be sure to try it yourself after catching the clip below.

Source: theqoo


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