IU Straight up Tells Park Myung Soo Why She Didn’t Appear on His Radio Show

Park Myung Soo demanded to know why IU appeared on Jung Eunji’s radio show and not his.

On a recent broadcast of KBS’s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, Park Myung Soo expressed his disappointment that IU appeared on Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza but not his.

And as expected from the bluntly honest star, Park Myung Soo decided to confront IU himself.

I haven’t seen her since we collaborated on Infinite Challenge. I’d better talk to her today. I’m going to ask her why she doesn’t appear on my radio program.

– Park Myung Soo

He then played his collaboration song with IU, “Leon” as the last song and headed out to find IU.

As soon as he spotted IU, he started off the conversation by thanking IU for the gifts she always sends him.

Thanks for always sending me gifts on holidays.

– Park Myung Soo

When IU shyly expressed her embarrassment for being on camera, Park Myung Soo scolded her right off the bat.

Why don’t you ever appear on our radio program?

– Park Myung Soo

And in response, IU straight up told him the reason without any hesitation, putting him at a loss for words.

Because you never invited me.

– IU

After recovering from the unexpected response, Park Myung Soo respectfully promised to invite her onto the show sometime.

I won’t beg you to do a duet this time. I’ll formally invite you onto the show.

– Park Myung Soo

Check out the full clip below:


Source: Dispatch