IU’s Unrivaled Success As An Idol Was Supposedly Predicted Before She Was Even Born

A professional dream interpreter explained what her mother’s conception dreams predicted about IU’s future.

On a recent episode of Mnet’s TMI News, IU ranked 1st place in a list of female idols with the best conception dreams.

Conception dreams are vivid dreams that mothers have before the birth of a child which supposedly predicts what their future will be like according to the symbols that arise in the dream.

But IU’s mother didn’t only have one conception dream. She had two.

And a dream interpreter explained what they each meant.


The first dream that IU’s mother had was one of two dragons fighting and the winner ascending to heaven with a magic pearl in its mouth.


According to the dream interpreter, that dream was a symbol of two dragons fighting over power. And the winning dragon was IU while the outcome was the magic pearl. It meant that she would achieve everything.

As if that one dream wasn’t accurate enough, IU’s mother had a second dream, but this one was about chicken.

IU once explained that she had a dream about a chicken the size of a house, which crushed the path it was walking on.

And the interpretation of the second dream is just as epic.

According to the dream interpreter, the chicken symbolizes money and wealth while the comb of the chicken represents power. And the fact that the chicken crushed the path it was walking on meant that IU would create a whole new path for herself.

Considering IU’s unrivaled success as a female idol in Korea, the dreams prove to be chillingly accurate.

Was she meant to become a star all along?

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