Uaenas Tried To Make IU Emotional, But They Got A Free Vocal Lesson Instead

The relationship between IU and Uaenas is too cute.

During IU‘s The Golden Hour concert, her fans surprised her by singing “Love Poem,” and the harmony of all their voices could move any heart to tears.

However, the one person they wanted to make emotional instead found the surprise adorable.

이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube

As she appeared back on stage, IU playfully complained about Uaenas’ attempt to make her cry.

You guys. (Shaking) Trying to make me cry! You used every trick! (Pleased) (Adoring UAENA).

— IU

She kept up the act, even pretending to be moved to tears.

However, she quickly revealed that it was all just a prank and that she wasn’t wiping her tears but her sweat.

IU couldn’t resist teasing Uaenas out of love for their surprise and began gently scolding them and offering singing tips.

Also you used falsetto on your own at the climax singing “Long night”… You have to use your full voice there.

— IU

It wasn’t only IU who found the surprise adorable and hilarious; Uaenas themselves were laughing after trying to hit the high note in “Love Poem.”

And I heard you cracking up after that!

— IU

Jokes aside, IU was genuinely touched by Uaenas’ gift, using all her senses to remember the moment perfectly.

You thought I’ll be to busy to catch that, right? Below… I was really listening carefully.

— IU

Uaenas might not have succeeded in bringing IU to tears, but they did touch her heart in the most profound way possible. IU, on the other hand, did manage to bring her fans to tears at her concert thanks to her heartfelt words, and you can read more about it here:

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