IU Wanted To Refuse Her Drama Role In “My Mister” Because Of Her Lolita Controversy

She almost didn’t take the role because of backlash from a past controversy.

At a press conference for the tvN drama My Ahjussi (aka My Mister), singer/actress IU admitted that she almost declined her role due to a past lolita controversy.


Back in 2015, many people felt that the photos in the album jacket for “CHAT-SHIRE” were inappropriate because they were reminiscent of a lolita concept.


Due to the past controversy, IU felt that starring in the drama would not be a good idea because her character is in a relationship with a much older man.

“I am aware of the controversy about an album I released. I knew that if my delivery as a singer and producer was not smooth, someone could get offended. I thought about it a lot, and knew I had to be alert.” — IU


She felt that taking on the role could bring unwanted controversy to the drama, and didn’t want to hurt her costars.

“During our first meeting, I asked the director if he knew about the controversy. I was afraid that I could have a negative impact on the drama, so I wanted to let them know.” — IU


After reading the script and talking to the director, however, IU was convinced.

“If I read the script and thought that it was not a good match due to my controversy, I would’ve examined it further. But when I read it from an unbiased perspective, it felt like a good script with good people. The director also gave me confidence, so I decided to accept the role.” — IU


There will always be haters. You do you, IU.

Source: Dispatch and Xportsnews