IU Wistfully Remembers Her Close Friend Sulli With Dedicated “Love Poem” Performance At Her Concert

“This is for her, and this is for everyone who needs it.”

On November 23, 2019, IU held her 2019 Tour Concert Love, Poem in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.


After enchanting her fans with her performances all night, IU shared a few last words before wrapping up the concert — and the mention of her late best friend Sulli is now leaving K-Pop fans in tears. IU wistfully remembered Sulli and how she would always come see IU’s concerts in Seoul.

I am no longer able to see my friend whom I’ve loved so dearly. She used to always come see my concerts that are held in Seoul, no matter how busy she was. So I tried really hard not to cry today. But it has been a month since I last saw her…

— IU


IU also mentioned, while it broke her heart to not see Sulli in the audience, she worked even harder to put on the best show — because the Sulli she knew wouldn’t want her to be sad.

I’ve been putting on these shows thinking that she is watching over me. And I know that she would’ve hated to see me having a hard time or being vulnerable because of her. So I’ve worked extra hard on this tour.

— IU


Then IU dedicated the final song on the set list, “Love Poem”, to Sulli and to all the fans who need consolation. IU’s fans — and Sulli’s fans, and K-Pop fans overall — deeply appreciated this most heartfelt way of remembering her best friend.

She would usually leave after this final song of the night. So I want to make sure this last song sounds perfect. This is for her, and this is for everyone who needs it.

— IU


Here’s IU’s “Love Poem”, for Sulli.

Source: Insight