Zico, Crush, And Penomeco Were Just Caught Being IU’s Ultimate Fanboys

They were fanboying hard over IU:

While IU was giving one of her signature flawless performances at a recent wedding, Zico, Crush, and Penomeco were spotted being IU’s ultimate fanboys!

On February 8, clips from IU’s performance at her friend and drummer’s recent wedding began circulating online. At the wedding, IU performed her hit song “Good Day” to congratulate the happy couple on their special day.

While IU’s performance was already enough to capture everyone’s heart and attention, everyone was soon blown away by the three fanboys at the party too! In the clips, Zico, Crush, and Penomeco could be seen fanboying hard over IU.

As she performed, they danced, jumped, and couldn’t resist doing her fanchant!

After the clips of the three of them going wild for IU were posted, they quickly went viral with many fans loving everything about the moment.

Looks like Zico, Crush, and Penomeco are just like the rest of us when it comes to loving IU!