Ivanka Trump Is Now Following EXO and CL On Twitter

Ivanka is following EXO and CL on Twitter now that she met them at the Olympics, but there have been some mixed reactions.

Ivanka Trump met EXO and CL at the Closing Ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympics.


And now she’s following them on Twitter!


Ivanka apparently asked President Moon Jae In to introduce her to the idols and said it was an “incredible experience“.


She even told EXO that her kids are huge fans and ever since she introduced them to K-Pop they have dance parties every day.

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“My children are your huge fans. I can’t believe I’m meeting you.” — Ivanka Trump to EXO


EXO made a special shoutout to meeting Ivanka Trump on their Twitter.


EXO prepared gifts for her children and told her they would invite her family to their performance in the US, so it makes Ivanka would like to follow their activities on social media.


But there’s some backlash over her suddenly becoming a fan of EXO on Twitter.


Source: Korea Times

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