Dancer Who Worked With IVE’s Jang Wonyoung In “Produce 48” Exposes The Key To The Idol’s Success

She “didn’t expect much” when she first met Wonyoung, but Wonyoung immediately impressed her.

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung is well-renowned for not only her ethereal visuals but her incredible work ethic. Despite her intensive schedules, which have even had the idol flying from one country to another and back again within days, Wonyoung always gives her all to her every appearance.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

A recent explanation from a dance mentor who knew Wonyoung during her Produce 48 days might explain why Wonyoung has achieved such tremendous success.

Wonyoung on “Produce 48” | Mnet

In the video, actress Jang Mi explained that she’s known Wonyoung since the idol competed on Produce 48. At the time, Jang Mi was part of a dance group called YAMA & HOTCHICKS, led by Bae Yoon Jeong.

As Bae Yoon Jeong was one of the Produce 48 dance mentors, Jang Mi’s dance crew got to work with some of the Produce 48 contestants, including Wonyoung.

Wonyoung performing on “Produce 48” in the same position Jang Mi held for the created choreography | Heyday/YouTube

Jang Mi remembers how much Wonyoung’s visuals stood out, even when the trainees worked tirelessly.

Jang Mi | Heyday/YouTube 

And the actress also remembers how well-known Wonyoung was among choreographers.

| Heyday/YouTube 

Even though she hadn’t initially expected much, according to Jang Mi, not only was Wonyoung a good dancer, but “she always gave her best.

| Heyday/YouTube 

Wonyoung also quickly picked up on choreography and asked questions to give the best performance possible.

| Heyday/YouTube 

The only difference that Jang Mi notices in Wonyoung’s skills in IVE is just how confident she has gotten with her vocal ability.

| Heyday/YouTube 
| Heyday/YouTube 

Ultimately, Jang Mi respected Wonyoung’s incredible work ethic, which she believes helped the talented idol achieve the high level of success that only continues to increase.

| Heyday/YouTube 

You can read more about Wonyoung’s admirable work ethic here.

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