IVE’s Leeseo, Rei, And Gaeul Spill On The Wildly Different Ways They Spent Their First Paycheck

Leeseo’s answer left everyone speechless 😂

IVE has already cemented themselves as a leading fourth-gen K-Pop group and they continue to dominate the charts with each of their releases.

(Top row, from left:) IVE’s Rei, Yujin, and Liz (Bottom row, from left:) Leeseo, Wonyoung, and Gaeul | @IVEstarship/Twitter

Although they’re a rookie group, they’ve already reached incredible levels of popularity. The members are landing on the covers of magazines, scoring luxury brand deals, appearing on variety shows, and inspiring global trends.

IVE recently released their first full-length album, I’ve IVE, and have earned the title of million sellers for the second time after recording 1,102,107 in first-week sales.

With the amount of success they’ve had, they’ve already been paid for their activities, a feat that some groups never achieve, even after years in the industry.

IVE in their dance practice room at Starship Entertainment.

IVE’s ReiLeeseo, and Gaeul were recently guests on TheKstarNextDoor, and host Jonathan Thona had the members participate in the K-Profile segment, where he shared keywords about the group and had the members elaborate on the word.

One of the K-Profile words was “K-money rake,” and Thona hilariously explained that the keyword was meant to describe the benefits of their success, including their unusually early payment.

When asked what they spent their first paycheck on, the members gave wildly different answers.

Rei took her family to Jeju Island and paid for the vacation. She shared that she even sweetly gave her mom her credit card to spend on anything else she needed.

Gaeul also wanted to gift something to her parents and decided on a massage chair. Before she could buy it, her parents refused to accept the gift. She still has plans to purchase it in the future.

Maknae Leeseo amused everyone when she shared the first unexpected item she bought: coffee capsules.

Her answer had her fellow members and Thona hilariously looking to clarify if she meant a coffee machine, but she shared that she intended to say capsules. She explained that her parents already had a machine, so they only needed the capsules.

She then left everyone speechless when she revealed the amount of coffee capsules she bought.

While each member had different ways they spent or planned to spend their first paycheck, they all heartwarmingly decided to give back to their parents.

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