IVE Spill On The Unexpected Issue That Led To Their Main House Rule

Wonyoung claims to be the main victim 😂

The members of IVE revealed the most important house rule in their dorm, and it’s all thanks to an unexpected domestic issue.

In a recent appearance on the variety show Weekly Idol, IVE were asked to name what some of their house rules are, and it turns out that the main one revolves around bath time. As Yujin explained, since IVE’s dorm has a bathtub in the master bedroom, some of the members occasionally like to take baths.

| 1stonkpop/YouTube

Except, using the bathtub has a catch: when someone makes a hot bath, the shower in the other bathroom runs ice cold.

And unfortunately for Wonyoung, she seems to be the principal victim…

…while Rei and Gaeul are the principal bath-loving culprits!

Wonyoung said that she often has to cut her shower short when the water turns cold to ask whoever is taking a bath to wait for a little while. Yujin said that, due to this issue, they decided to make it a rule to “Only take a bath when you’re sure nobody else is taking a shower.” And it’s not just any rule, but the main house rule!

While the members don’t have many official rules in their dorm, it’s funny that, out of many possible domestic concerns, the bath time issue is what led to their most important house rule!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.