Filipino K-Pop Fans Notice Something Familiar About The Dress IVE’s Wonyoung Wore To The “2022 Asia Artist Awards”

If you know, you know!

IVE‘s Wonyoung is the talk of the town once again!

IVE’s Wonyoung

The STARSHIP Entertainment girl group recently attended the 2022 Asia Artist Awards where they won “Song Of The Year.” As with all award shows, they posed for pictures on the red carpet prior to the event proper.

It was here where Filipino K-Pop fans noticed something familiar about Wonyoung’s dress.

One Twitter user commented, “The structure of Wonyoung’s outfit gives Filipiniana vibes.”

The color, silhouette, fabric, and sleeves looked very similar to the traditional Philippine dress, a Filipiniana. Usually made of fabric from pineapples, it is characterized by puffy sleeves on the baro (plain blouse) which is worn with a saya (long skirt).

Modern iterations of the outfit have a similar shape but now come in various fabrics and colors.

Julia Barretto | ABS-CBN
Kathryn Bernardo | ABS-CBN

Wonyoung’s red carpet dress was similar in this aspect.

Some Pinoy K-Pop fans joked that she could pass as the “next president” of the country with how elegant and professional she looked.

Another option was that she could be the next First Lady.

Along with the rest of her members, IVE slayed on the red carpet.

This isn’t the first time Wonyoung grabbed the attention of Pinoy fans. Her “After Like” blue top also reminded netizens of a Filipiniana with its off-shoulder sleeves and thick material.

In related news, her 2022 Asia Artist Awards outfit received mix reactions from fans due to the stark differences between the members. Read more about it below.

IVE’s Outfits For The “2022 Asia Artist Awards” Receive Mixed Reactions From Netizens


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