IVE’s Wonyoung Goes Viral For Her Professionalism On Stage

Wonyoung showcased not only her professionalism but her dedication and love for performing.

IVE recently took to the stage to perform a medley of “ELEVEN,” “That’s My Girl,” and “Take It” for the K-Pop Click Festival.

While in the middle of performing “That’s My Girl,” a song that emphasizes Wonyoung‘s stage presence, fans noticed that the idol’s knee was bleeding.

Wonyoung continued to perform despite the injury, not letting any pain or worry appear on her face.

Even when she touched her knee and saw blood, her intensity did not falter for a second, and she continued performing “That’s My Girl.”

After the screen faded to black for a second for the members to reposition to the opening formation for “Take It,” fans noticed that member Rei even asked Wonyoung if she was okay.

And once again, as soon as “Take It” started playing, Wonyoung showcased her extreme professionalism, giving her all to the performance.

She even impressed fans with how much she shined on this particular stage.

Needless to say, fans of the group were extremely proud of just how professionally Wonyoung handled this unexpected injury.

Even the pain could not bring the smile off of her face as she enjoyed performing with her members.

And some fans did not even notice the injury because of how well Wonyoung hid it.

And while Wonyoung handled the issue incredibly well, proving her immense professionalism, we all hope she feels better soon!