IVE’s Stylist Under Fire For Dressing Ahn Yujin Inappropriately For Her Age

She’s still a minor!

Girl group IVE only recently made their debut, but it seems like they’re already making waves. With their debut song being of high quality, it is no wonder that they’re quickly made their way into the public’s radar.

In a recent performance of their debut hit, “ELEVEN”, their stylist was criticized for the way Ahn Yujin was dressed, however. Fans took issue with four things about the entire outfit. Firstly, the glaringly obvious bralette look she was given. While there are many pretty bralette designs on the market, fans had gripes with the fact that she was given one that was practically akin to an actual bra.

Not only that, fans also claimed the chunky gold necklace was out of place, as were the gold double buckle, double belts. The skirt’s flared fit also left much to desire.

While the outfit’s unflattering fit was an issue in itself, many were upset that she was dressed in a bra when she is still a minor.

| theqoo
  • “Why are the dressing a minor like that?”
  • “What clothes are they giving to a ’03-er?”
  • “I actually don’t know why this is an issue. She has a t-shirt inside and this seems normal for girl groups.”
  • “What vibe are they going for to dress her like that? They can just give her a cami-top over a shirt.”
  • “If the bra was a pretty one then maybe…”
  • “I mean such styles can look cool but this looks unbalanced.”
  • “I gasped after seeing this too.”

Compared to this stage outfit, Yujin was dressed arguably better in their debut MV. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Source: theqoo