A K-Pop Idol Accidentally Cost Her Group A Win By Stanning Their “Rival”

They might not have won, but she became a successful fangirl 😆

Similar to the intensity of earning music show wins, fans take the first week of sales for a K-Pop artist extremely seriously. For groups like SEVENTEEN and Stray Kids, fans have gone as far as achieving one million sales and reaching over two million sales in only a week.

Stray Kids | SBS

For one girl group, they were so close to keeping the top spot for bestselling albums until one member’s amusing mishap changed everything.

SEVENTEEN’s Dino and Seungkwan. | @pledis_17/Twitter

Following the release of IZ*ONE‘s debut Japanese song “Suki to Iwasetai”, the single album nearly topped the best sellers for a Korean girl group in Japan for its first week sales. One thing kept them from winning that top spot with their 303,745 album sales.

Around the same time, TWICE released their Japanese song “Candy Pop” and topped IZ*ONE’s sales by one single album to earn 303,746 in first week sales. Ironically, one of the IZ*ONE members shifted the sales, causing them to miss out on winning.

Since IZ*ONE’s Yabuki Nako is a ONCE, she purchased one of TWICE’s Candy Pop albums, accidentally tipping the balance. Although IZ*ONE missed out on winning the top spot, Yabuki Nako ended up becoming a successful fangirl.

Not only did Yabuki Nako keep purchasing TWICE’s albums…

Yabuki Nako

…but she also got to meet her bias Jihyo and took pictures together.

Yabuki Nako and Jihyo. | @official_izone/Instagram

In the end, she won something more precious.

| @75_yabuki/Instagram
Source: Twitter