Everyone Is Falling In Love With IZ*ONE Chaeyeon’s “Dancing” Hair

Netizens have noticed how it almost comes alive when she’s dancing:

There are plenty of reasons to fall head over heels for IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon including her heartstopping vocals, amazing visuals, sweet personality, and deadly dance moves. And it’s her dance talents that have really caught the attention of netizens lately.


Especially the way her hair dances right along with her! Netizens have recently noticed Chaeyeon’s hair comes alive when she takes to the stage!


With every single one of her own flawless moves, her hair always seems to mimic her exact movements…


Leading to her legendary dancing hair! Many netizens have commented that her hair often looks like it’s dancing right along with her because of how animated it becomes during performances.


Fans have quickly fallen in love with the extra dimension that Chaeyeon’s hair brings to her dance performances…


And many fans have even expressed a little bit of envy over her flawless locks!


But even if they are a little bit envious, they have nothing but love for Chaeyeon’s hair that dances right along with her!

Source: Instiz