IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon And ITZY’s Chaeryeong Show Their Sisterly Bond During A Phone Call

Chaeyeon is one playful sister.

IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong are one of the few sibling pairings in K-Pop.


The two are also quite playful with each other, as they seemingly tease each other whenever they can.

Chaeyeon poking Chaeryeong 

During a live broadcast, Chaeyeon and Yuri were in for a surprise when Chaeyeon’s phone started ringing.

Chaeyeon ended up telling the person that she was doing a live broadcast.

She also decided to tease this person by putting her on speakerphone for all the viewers to hear.

Yuri then revealed that the person who called was Chaeryeong.

Chaeyeon then decided to tease her sister some more when she asked her to say hello to their fans.

The two then suddenly started apologizing to each other, which confused Yuri quite a bit.

Before she ended the call, Chaeryeong gave an encouraging message to Yuri, which shocked Chaeyeon.

Chaeyeon then asked Chaeryeong why she only gave a message to Yuri. After this statement, Chaeryeong did end up giving a message to Chaeyeon, but Chaeyeon questioned the sincerity of the statement.

Yuri also commented on how good of a relationship the two have and gave a hilarious comment about her own siblings.

Here’s the full video below!