IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Singing A Miley Cyrus Song Proves She’s A Fantastic Multi-Player

She’s real talent.

IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon is extremely well known for her unmatchable dance moves. But in her recent live broadcast, she sang her heart out for the viewers – and now fans can’t decide if she’s the lead dancer or the lead vocalist!


During the live broadcast, Chaeyeon came up close to the camera and began to sing Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”. The song, actually known among Koreans to be difficult to sing along to, sounded natural and beautiful in Chaeyeon’s voice.


Chaeyeon gave the viewers a good minute of her singing before she walked out of the camera frame. She came back running to sing the main chorus, because – obviously – the lyrics suggested she should “come in like a wrecking ball”.

And so we were all wrecked.


For the rest of the broadcast, Chaeyeon shared all kinds of talent dancing and singing  away. While her fans are used to seeing Chaeyeon dance around in live broadcasts, they were shook by the unexpected singing session in the beginning.


Fans are now completely in love with how well-rounded of a K-Pop idol Chaeyeon has become. She can sing and dance like a superstar and deserves to be loved as a wholesome package!