IZ*ONE’s Eunbi Looks Like A Real-Life Doll With Her New Short Haircut

Which look do you like better?

If you’re a fan of IZ*ONE you know that Eunbi has always flaunted her luscious locks of hair and has become somewhat of a trademark in her style. Her aura gives off a confident queen vibe that proves she could debut as a model anytime, anywhere!

Below are photos of Eunbi that we are used to with her long beautiful hair.

But on July 23, IZ*ONE’s official Instagram was updated with new photos of Eunbi revealing her new short hair!

Fans were pleasantly surprised at her new hairdo and felt that it matched her well!

The same confident aura and vibe still shows through even with her shorter hair.

But then again, what can’t Eunbi pull off anyway!

This new hair cut gives off a bit more sexy and charismatic vibe.

IZ*ONE made a recent comeback with “Secret Story of the Swan” on June 16.